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Can you get married anyhwere in Scotland?

In a word. Yes. But that would be a really short blog post and I don’t think Google would be happy with me! So let’s explore that a little bit further. At the time of writing, Scotland is the only country in the UK that allows you to get married anywhere. ANYWHERE! How cool is…


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How to have a sustainable elopement in Scotland

Lots of couples are choosing to elope to Scotland these days. In fact, just last week, it emerged that Scotland was the number 2 location for destination elopements for couples from the USA. To be honest, that didn’t surprise us. Most of our couples over the past few years (post-Covid) have been from The US,…


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The Best Locations for Winter Elopements in Scotland

With winter just around the corner, many of our couples are now contacting us with a view to eloping in Winter. With daylight last as little as 4 hours in The North of the country, a winter elopement looks like But what are the best places to elope in Scotland during those cold winter months?…


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How much does it cost to Elope to Scotland 2024

If you’ve ever found yourselves dreaming of a wedding day that unfolds against the backdrop of Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes – where green mountains meet dramatic castles and mist-kissed valleys – then you’re in for a treat. Scotland’s charm has captivated couples worldwide, making it a coveted destination for intimate elopements. And when it comes to…


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