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The Best Locations for Winter Elopements in Scotland

September 8, 2023

Edinburgh during winter

With winter just around the corner, many of our couples are now contacting us with a view to eloping in Winter. With daylight last as little as 4 hours in The North of the country, a winter elopement looks like

But what are the best places to elope in Scotland during those cold winter months?

Let’s dive in and check out our 3 favourites and talk about a couple of places to avoid

Winter elopement in edinburgh


This beautiful, charming city with it’s cobbled streets and hidden alleyways is the perfect winter elopement location. The short days mean the city lights quickly take over which allows for creative images and really adds to the fairytale feel of your elopement.

Easy to get to and with the majority of hotels still being open the city doesn’t shut down for winter, unlike some of the other places we will mention later.


This place will feature in most of our “seasons” guides so it is no surprise to see it here! Afterall, we are Glencoe elopement photographers!

The mountains have their winter coats on from November through to February or early March. The snowy mountains provide an amazing backdrop to your images. Certain areas of Glencoe see much more snow than others – for instance the South-East part of Glencoe is much higher (about 1000ft) and as such sees much more ground snow.

So, the reason we have opted for Glencoe over some of the other Highland areas is the ease transport to get here. The A82 is a main road that is regularly cleared of snow fall and is well gritted throughout the winter months. Even the heaviest of snowfall will only temporarily close the road.

We’ve put a handy guide together for the best places to get married in Glencoe. Check it out.

Glencoe Winter Elopement Image

Aberdeenshire Coast

We don’t need much encouragement to visit the North East coast. And at first glance this may seem like an odd choice. But, just hear us out…

The coast in Winter is a different beast. Harsh and inhospitable at it’s worst and crisp and clear at it’s best. Both of those make for ideal conditions for photography. We recommend checking out somewhere like Slains Castle or Dunnotar Castle for your actual location.

Scotland Elopement Photographers | The Sassenachs Photographer in the Highlands

Places to avoid

Please note that these are only our opinion based on experience of living and working here!

The Cairngorms. Whist you will get a lot of snow in The Cairngorms, the accessible areas are very much given over to winter sports enthusiasts. The roads often become unappeasable as well which is not ideal when trying to get married!

Isle of Skye. We thought long and hard about including this on the list. Although absolutely stunning, we include this on the list because so much of it is closed during the winter months. Finding somewhere to eat or stay is much harder. Travel around the island is usually simple enough however

Anywhere North on the NC500. Much like Skye, this area is gorgeous but the roads can be quite treacherous. Add this to the fact that a lot of accommodation isn’t open and many of the other tourists features such as attractions and restaurants will be closed.

Wherever you choose to elope in Scotland during the winter, know that you’ll be in for the adventure of a lifetime!

Want more advice about eloping to Scotland? Click the link!

Thank you, as always, for reading!

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