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How much does it cost to Elope to Scotland 2024

August 29, 2023

If you’ve ever found yourselves dreaming of a wedding day that unfolds against the backdrop of Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes – where green mountains meet dramatic castles and mist-kissed valleys – then you’re in for a treat.

Scotland’s charm has captivated couples worldwide, making it a coveted destination for intimate elopements.

And when it comes to capturing these extraordinary moments, The Sassenachs, your luxury elopement photographers (that’s us by the way – hi), are here to transform your dream into an unforgettable reality.

So, grab a cup of coffee (or a dram of whisky. For the love of Scotland, don’t mix them) and let’s delve into the enchanting world of eloping to Scotland in 2024.

couple who eloped to scotland stand at the bottom of a mountain

Beyond Numbers: Investing in Memories and Experiences

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine this: you and your beloved standing on the rugged cliffs of the Scottish coastline, the salty breeze gently tousling your hair as you exchange vows.

Elopements are not merely about the monetary cost – they’re about investing in an experience that’s pure, intimate, and deeply personal.

It’s a chance to savour every stolen glance, every shared laugh, and every heartwarming embrace in a setting that’s as wild and romantic as your love story. With no long guest list to accommodate and nobody else with any demand on your time, you can stay wrapped up and enveloped in the everythingness of your elopemnt. (is “everythingness” a word?!)

Delving into the Costs: A Deeper Look at Eloping to Scotland

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of eloping to Scotland in 2024. While it’s essential to consider the financial aspects, remember that the value of your elopement extends far beyond a balance sheet. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the main expenses you’ll encounter:

Travel to Scotland: If you’re based in the US, your journey begins with the flight across the Atlantic. Depending on factors like your departure city and the time of booking, airfare can range from approximately £800 to £1500 per person. Your journey to the land of tartan and heather starts with a dose of excitement and anticipation. (Travel costs – £1500-£3000)

Accommodation: Ah, the allure of Scottish lodgings! From charming cottages to regal castles, your accommodation choices can vary greatly. On average, you might expect to spend around £100 to £300 per night, depending on your preferred level of comfort and luxury. Just imagine waking up to the serene view of a loch outside your window or the historic beauty of a castle courtyard – truly magical. (Total accommodation cost out of season for 7 nights – £700-£2000)

Transportation in Scotland:

Once you’ve touched down, the enchantment continues as you explore the stunning Scottish landscapes. Renting a car is often the best way to uncover hidden gems, and it can cost approximately £40 to £100 per day. This investment grants you the freedom to venture off the beaten path, where you might stumble upon a hidden waterfall or a centuries-old ruin. (Car hire cost for 7 days – £350-£700)

couple who eloped to scotland look out the window to the sea

Ceremony and Venue:

Now, let’s talk about your wedding day itself. This is where The Sassenachs come into play. Our luxury elopement packages start range between £2500 and £5000 for single day coverage and encompass not only exceptional photography but also our expertise in crafting your ideal day. From choosing the perfect location that resonates with your love story to orchestrating the day’s timeline, we’re your partners in creating a seamless and beautiful experience. And did you know you can get married anywhere, yep ANYWHERE, in Scotland? Which means you can often get the “venue” for free. Afterall, what can be better than getting married on the side of a mountain?! We recommend Glencoe Elopements!

couple who eloped to scotland overlook the quiraing isle of skye

Wedding Clothes (aka Wedding dress and, just maybe, kilt hire?!) and other thigns

Remember to allocate funds for attire that befits the stunning Scottish landscapes. If you are eloping to the mountains or somewhere similar, we recommend Asos or similar for your dress. And don’t forget warm, waterproof footwear. (Attire total cost ranging between £400 & £2000)

Other elopement costs

If you are having a legal ceremony a Humanist celebrant will cost around £500-£750. Flowers with a buttonhole will be around £200. And don’t forget about food and drink – Scotland isn’t expensive to eat out in but budget £50-£75 per day. (Total additional costs £1050-£1500)

Contrasting the Experience: Eloping vs. Traditional Weddings

Let’s take a moment to draw a comparison between eloping and traditional weddings. While traditional weddings can be grand affairs with extensive guest lists and lavish venues, elopements celebrate intimacy and connection. Imagine reciting your vows on a misty hilltop or within the romantic ruins of a castle that’s witnessed centuries of history. The beauty of elopements lies in their ability to focus solely on your love story and the extraordinary surroundings that frame it.

Crafting Memories: The Sassenachs Elopement Experience

Choosing The Sassenachs as your elopement photographers is akin to selecting partners who are just as dedicated to your love story as you are. We’re not only there to capture your special moments; we’re also your guides in planning an experience that’s tailored to you. Our approach is characterized by attention to detail, creativity, and a deep understanding of how to infuse your day with the magic of Scotland.

Seamlessly Blending Love and Adventure: Your Scottish Elopement Honeymoon

One of the most captivating aspects of eloping to Scotland is the natural blend of wedding and honeymoon. As you exchange your vows, you’re already embarking on your first journey as a married couple. Each adventure, each exploration, becomes a part of your narrative, symbolizing the start of a beautiful chapter together. Your photographs will reflect not only the love you share but also the breathtaking landscapes that witnessed your commitment.

Total Costs

Whilst the total will depend on location and time of year you can comfortable elope and include a 7 night holiday for £6500-£14200. Of course, you could do it for cheaper and equally spend a lot more money on you elopement adventure.

A Final Embrace: Wrapping Up Your Scottish Elopement Adventure

When you calculate the cost of eloping to Scotland in 2024, remember that you’re not just tallying numbers; you’re investing in an experience that transcends the tangible. It’s the moments of connection, the stolen kisses, the laughter, and the shared dreams that make the journey truly priceless. An elopement with The Sassenachs isn’t just about capturing your day; it’s about crafting an adventure that intertwines your unique story with the captivating spirit of Scotland. So, as you plan your elopement, envision the memories you’re creating – memories that will be cherished as an emblem of your love, a love that knows no bounds. Your Scottish journey awaits – let’s make it extraordinary together.

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