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How many photos will I get from my Scottish elopement?

May 28, 2024

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Hello there!

Have you considered eloping in the Scottish Highlands or maybe Edinburgh?

We think you should. *Shocked face*

Today, we’re gonna talk about something that we get asked all the time…. how many photos you will receive back from your elopement wedding day. Well, this is one question that many couples want an answer to, so let’s get into it.

Quality Over Quantity

Imagine you have a box of chocolates. Would you prefer to have a few that taste absolutely delicious or a big box of chocolates that are just a bit…meh?

We believe your elopement photos should be like those delicious chocolates – each one a perfect memory. We genuinely believe that it’s more important to have a few amazing photos rather than lots of just okay ones.

Every photo should make you smile and remember how special your day was. No fillers and no fluff.

No Set Number of Photos

You might be wondering, “How many photos will I get?” Well, here’s the thing: we never promise a specific number of photos. Why? Because every elopement is unique, just like you!

Most of our elopements end up with between 150 and 600 photos – a range that is so large it barely seems worthwhile giving!

What Affects the Number of Photos?

Many things can change how many photos we take on your big day. Here are some important factors:

1. Hours of Coverage

The more time we spend with you, the more photos we can take. If we’re with you for just a couple of hours, we’ll capture fewer photos than if we’re with you all day. It’s like going on a long adventure – the longer we’re together, the more memories we can capture!

2. Number of Guests

Are you inviting friends and family to your elopement? If you have more guests, there are more moments to capture, like everyone smiling, laughing, and celebrating together.

3. Weather Conditions

Scotland’s weather can be a bit tricky (that may be the biggest understatement of all time)! Sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes it’s rainy, and sometimes it’s windy – sometimes all at the same time.

If the weather is a bit wild, it might be harder to take lots of photos as you’ll need plenty of breaks. But don’t worry, even in rain or wind, we can capture beautiful, magical moments. In fact almost every one of our favourite images we’ve EVER taken were taken in bad weather. (Why not check out the blog to see a whole wedding captured during Storm Jocelyn.)

4. Travel Between Locations

Are we going to different places for your photos? If we need to travel a lot between locations, we might have less time to take photos. But each new place we visit gives us a chance to capture different and amazing pictures.

Why Quality Matters

Let’s go back to the idea of chocolates. Would you rather have a few amazing chocolates that you remember forever or a lot that you forget about quickly? Your photos should be like those memorable chocolates. Each photo should remind you of the love, joy, and beauty of your elopement. We want you to look at your photos and feel all the wonderful emotions from your special day.

Our Promise to You

So here is our vow to you…. we promise to focus on capturing the best moments of your elopement.

We might not give you a set number of photos, but we promise that every photo will be a treasure. We’ll work hard to make sure your photos are as magical as your day.

Ready for Your Adventure?

If you’re thinking about eloping in Scotland, we’d love to be part of your adventure.

Whether it’s in an elopement in Glencoe, Edinburgh, the Isle of Skye, or anywhere in Scotland for that matter, we’re here to capture your special moments.

Remember, it’s not about how many photos you get; it’s about how wonderful and special each one is.

So, are you ready to create some magical memories with us? Let’s make your elopement unforgettable!

Get in touch today.

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