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6 Hidden Gems for Eloping in Scotland

May 27, 2024

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Scotland is so much more than just Skye, Edinburgh, and Glencoe. While those places are stunning (and we’ve covered those locations in depth across the site – just click the links) there are many other magical spots perfect for your elopement.

Let’s explore six hidden gems that are just as breathtaking and offer a unique backdrop for your special day.

1. Ardnamurchan Peninsula

Ardnamurchan Peninsula is a wild and rugged place, perfect for an adventurous elopement. It’s known for its dramatic coastline, beautiful beaches, and secluded spots. Ardnamurchan is the most westerly point on the UK mainland, offering unparalleled views of the Atlantic Ocean. The area is also rich in history, with several castles dotting the landscape.

Distance to Nearest City/Airport: The closest city is Glasgow, about a 3-hour drive away. Both Glasgow Airport and Inverness Airport offer convenient access.

Unique Features:

Most Westerly Point: Standing at the westernmost tip of the UK mainland gives you a sense of being at the edge of the world.

Historic Castles: Explore ancient castles that add a touch of history and romance to your elopement.

Ferry to Isle of Mull: Extend your adventure with a direct ferry to the Isle of Mull, another beautiful location for your journey.

Nearby Accommodation: Charming bed and breakfasts, cosy cottages, and luxurious glamping spots provide a range of options for a memorable stay.

2. Glen Shiel

Glen Shiel is a hidden valley surrounded by majestic mountains. It’s a paradise for those who love hiking and stunning landscapes. Imagine saying your vows with towering peaks around you and the peaceful sound of nature. The area is also famous for the Battle of Glen Shiel, a significant event in Scottish history. To see a full Glen Shiel Elopement, click the link.

Distance to Nearest City/Airport: Inverness is the nearest city, around 1.5 hours by car. Alternatively, Glasgow is about a 3-hour drive away with scenic routes.

Unique Features:

Some of the best mountains in Scotland: The dramatic peaks provide one hell of a backdrop for your elopement photos.

Historical Significance: The site of the Jacobite Battle at Glen Shiel offers a rich historical context and adds depth to your special day. Did you know that the Spanish Jacobites played a very important role in this battle?

Outdoor Adventure: Perfect for hiking enthusiasts, with numerous trails and paths to explore.

Nearby Accommodation: You’ll have to travel a few miles to nearby areas of Keppoch and Letterfearn for accommodation. Further afield, but still manageable will be Kyleakin, Kyle of Lochalsh and Fort Augustus.

3. Slains Castle and Bullers of Buchan, Peterhead

Slains Castle Elopement

Slains Castle is an atmospheric ruin perched on cliffs overlooking the North Sea. This eerie and dramatic location inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula, making it a must-visit for fans of gothic literature. Nearby, Bullers of Buchan is a collapsed sea cave, adding an element of rugged beauty to your elopement. (Psssstt… we’ve actually done a full blog post on this… check it out here)

Distance to Nearest City/Airport: Aberdeen is just a 45-minute drive away, and both Aberdeen Airport and train links from Edinburgh make it easily accessible.

Unique Features:

Inspiration for Dracula: Slains Castle inspired the iconic setting for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, perfect for those who love a touch of gothic romance.

Dramatic Sea Cliffs: The rugged cliffs and sea caves offer a striking and memorable backdrop for your ceremony.

Historic Charm: The ruins of the castle provide a sense of history and timelessness.

Nearby Accommodation: Boutique hotels and cosy cottages/lodges in the surrounding coastal area or head back to the city of Aberdeen for more modern hotels

4. Dumfries and Galloway: Glen Trool and Mull of Galloway

Dumfries and Galloway is a region filled with hidden gems. Glen Trool offers serene lochs and lush forests, while Mull of Galloway boasts spectacular coastal views and the southernmost point in Scotland. The area is also known for its dark skies, making it a fantastic spot for stargazing.

Distance to Nearest City/Airport: Glasgow is the closest major city, about 2.5 hours away by car. Both Glasgow Airport and Edinburgh Airport are viable options, with train links available to Dumfries.

Unique Features:

Southernmost Point: Mull of Galloway is the southernmost point in Scotland, offering panoramic coastal views and clifftop views for days.

Dark Sky Park: Glen Trool is part of the Galloway Forest Park, designated as a Dark Sky Park, perfect for stargazing.

Natural Beauty: The lush forests and lochs provide a tranquil and picturesque setting, nearly free of midges. Winter will see very few tourists

Nearby Accommodation: Lots to choose from here!

5. Brora: The Beach and Loch Brora

Brora elopement image

Brora is a hidden gem on the east coast, known for its pristine beach and the beautiful, yet hidden, Loch Brora. It’s a fantastic spot for a coastal elopement with a touch of Highland magic with none of the tourists. The area is also home to historic sites and a charming village atmosphere.

Distance to Nearest City/Airport: Inverness is about a 1.5-hour drive from Brora. Inverness Airport is the closest, and there are also train links from Edinburgh to Brora via Inverness.

Unique Features:

Pristine Beach: The sandy beach is perfect for a romantic seaside ceremony.

Loch Brora: The loch provides a tranquil and scenic backdrop for your elopement photos. Super quiet – for the adventurous why not try a paddle-boarding session (maybe not in the wedding dress if it’s your first try!)

Historic Charm: The village of Brora offers a quaint and charming atmosphere, with historic sites to explore.

Nearby Accommodation: Delightful guesthouses and holiday cottages are available nearby, ideal for a cosy and romantic stay by the sea.

6. Grey Mare’s Waterfall and the Surrounding Area

Grey Mare’s Waterfall is a stunning waterfall in a secluded forest. The surrounding area offers tranquil paths and serene nature, making it a perfect spot for a peaceful and intimate elopement. The waterfall is part of a beautiful network of trails and natural beauty.

Distance to Nearest City/Airport: Fort William is the nearest city, about a 1-hour drive away. Both Glasgow and Edinburgh are accessible via train and car, making it convenient for travel.

Unique Features:

Stunning Waterfall: The dramatic waterfall is a breathtaking location for your vows and photos.

Natural Beauty: The area is rich in natural beauty, with trails and scenic spots to explore. Compared to much of Scotland, this area is relatively free from tourists.

Best food in Scotland: The nearby food town of Castle Douglas is home to some of the best produce in Scotland. Not a bad way to end the day.

Nearby Accommodation: Travel to Moffat or the Selkirk area for plenty of accommodation options including spa hotels, traditional inns and bed and breakfasts.

Got a unique elopement location in mind? We would love to hear about it! Get in touch today.

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