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Glen Shiel Elopement

February 10, 2023

jess and jorin

– October 2022 –

– Married –

glen shiel, north west highlands

loch duich and

glen shiel elopement

by The Sassenachs

Jess and Jorin came over from Texas, USA for their Scottish Elopement. Are you thinking of eloping to Scotland from the US? Check out the link!

After a couple of video calls to get to know us a little better Jess gave us full artistic licence which also included choosing their ceremony location. After a recce to the area, we opted for a high viewpoint over Loch Duich. This spot gave amazing views towards the impressive mountains called the five sisters of Pintail as well as stunning views towards The Isle of Skye and Lochalsh.

Jess and Jorin stayed at Coillemore House just a couple of miles from Dornie. This was truly one of the most amazing houses we have been to and they had exclusive access to it all, including its hot tub – bliss!

The day of the wedding started off bright and dry but the weather Gods soon started smiling on us as they delivered the misty, moody, dark and atmospheric weather that they wanted (and that Scotland is famous for). After a very wet and windy ceremony, we headed to the relative shelter of Glen Shiel for some more images.

These guys braved the Scottish Elements for about 5 hours before we lost the light and the rain set in so heavily that continuing wasn’t really an option.

We’ve put a small selection of their gallery below as well as their video.

At the bottom of the page you will find some more info about Glen Shiel and why we think it should be high up on your list of places to elope to (as if the pictures don’t tell their own story!) Enjoy!

Thinking of

eloping to glen shiel?

Lets get to know it a little better

Glen Shiel, a breathtaking glen located in the western part of the Scottish Highlands, is a must-visit destination for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and history buffs. Surrounded by majestic mountains and rolling hills, this stunning location offers a rich and diverse geology, steeped in legend and tales of battles and skirmishes.

The Geology of Glen Shiel

Glen Shiel is dominated by ancient Lewisian gneiss, some of the oldest rock in the world, dating back over three billion years. The Lewisian gneiss has been shaped by geological processes, such as folding and faulting, resulting in the rugged and dramatic landscapes that visitors can enjoy today.

The History of Glen Shiel

Glen Shiel is rich in history, and one of the most famous battles fought in the glen was the Battle of Glen Shiel in 1719. This battle was fought between a force of Spanish and Scottish Jacobite troops and British forces and is considered to be one of the key moments in Scottish history. Today, monuments and memorials dedicated to the fallen soldiers are still present in Glen Shiel, reminding visitors of the rich history and legends of this stunning location.

Getting to Glen Shiel

Getting to Glen Shiel is relatively easy, with good road connections to nearby cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Inverness. From Glasgow, it is around a three hour drive, while from Edinburgh, it is around four hours. For visitors coming from abroad or England, the nearest airport is Inverness, which is around a 90-minute drive from Glen Shiel. While there are regular bus and train services that connect Inverness, Glasgow, and Edinburgh to Glen Shiel en route to the Isle of Skye, it is not recommended as the best way to get to the glen.

Weather in Glen Shiel

In terms of weather, Glen Shiel experiences typical Scottish Highland weather, with cool and wet conditions throughout the year. Visitors to the glen should be prepared for all weather conditions, including rain, wind, and snow. Despite this, the glen can be a beautiful and peaceful place to visit, with clear blue skies (booooo!) and breathtaking views on sunny days.

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