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Elopement vs Intimate Weddings – Whats the difference?

February 9, 2022

Elopement vs Intimate Weddings – Whats the difference?

Lets take a closer Look at Elopements

According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of an elopement is to ‘run away secretly in order to get married.’ To some, this is exciting and romantic. It’s an adventure. It’s just you and your partner. Not only does eloping save you money, but it also takes the pressures and stress of planning a traditional style wedding away.

Most elopement ceremonies have little to no guests, just the celebrant and two witnesses – you don’t even need to know your witnesses personally, although you do need to provide their details before the wedding so people will usually ask their photographers (if you choose to use them of course!) to act as a witness. If you choose to elope in Scotland you can pretty much have the ceremony anywhere; beside Loch Lomond, at the foot of Buachaille Etive More or even in the footprints of dinosaurs (Another reason we love Isle of Skye Elopements!)

The opportunities are endless and as there is no guest list, you don’t have to worry about anyone else. There are some locations that will require permission, but usually it’s not an issue. The other great thing about eloping is the cost – you don’t have the huge outlay often involved with a larger wedding.

Once you are married, the ceremony is over so you can go off and do what newlyweds usually do…… eat! You could have a picnic, a pub lunch or even McDonalds if you wish as you only have yourselves to please. We do recommend having photographers (OK, we may be biassed!) that can document your day so it tells a story as this is the perfect way to share the happy news with friends and family.

Intimate Wedding vs Elopement

And now, let us look at intimate weddings

An intimate or micro wedding is different in many ways.

The main difference is being that there is no secrecy like there is with an Elopement. And usually there will be a guest list, only you usually keep the numbers low at around 20 guests. The good thing about a micro wedding is that you can still share your day with those close to you, but without the huge price tag of a big wedding.

Traditionally, you’d invite aunts, uncles, distant cousins and work friends and so choosing who to invite and who not to invite can be quite hard, especially if someone is likely to take offence to not being invited. Just keep in mind why you have chosen to have an intimate wedding in the first place. That usually helps and if it really is a huge drama, then you also have the option of inviting more guests to the reception.

For that reason, it’s the intimate weddings that make for great destination weddings. When it comes to locations for a destination wedding in Scotland, the options really are endless. From the setting of Edinburgh, or the majestic and breathtaking beauty of the Isle of Skye, you will no doubt find the perfect, romantic setting that provides the perfect backdrop for your intimate wedding.

Elopement vs intimate wedding

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