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Melissa and Diane

May 18, 2023

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melissa and diane’s

St mary’s space elopement

by The Sassenachs

We don’t do a lot of venue weddings.

Venues tend to lend themselves to big weddings and that’s just not our game. But occasionally we do a venue wedding and when we do we want them to be just like St Mary’s Space near Appin (which itself is between Glencoe and Oban). St Mary’s is a converted church and is a genuine assault (in a good, nay great, way) on the senses. Our words don’t do this place justice so just go and check out their website, ok?!

Anyhoo, back to Melissa and Diane. Well these gorgeous humans contacted us to capture and witness their elopement wedding and we were overjoyed. One, because they are just so damn awesome and two because they are wedding photographers and it really is such an honour (added pressure too!) to capture the wedding of a fellow wedding photographer.

They opted for St Mary’s Space (have you checked out their site yet? If not, why not?!) for their ceremony and then we headed in to Glencoe for some wintery goodness. Surprisingly for January, there wasn’t a lot of snow on the tops but that didn’t stop it from being bloody freezing!

We had an amazing time with these lovely people and are so thrilled that we got to work with them.

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