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What footwear for your Scottish Elopement?

September 6, 2023

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Imagine the rugged, windswept landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, the ancient castles perched beneath misty hills or a peaceful loch reflecting the dramatic sunrise above.

It’s no wonder that Scotland has become a dream destination for couples seeking an intimate and adventurous elopement. But before you elope to Scotland to exchange vows amidst the stunning Scottish scenery, there’s one important decision to make – what footwear should you wear?

Choosing the right footwear for your Scottish elopement is more than just a practical consideration; it’s a crucial element in ensuring your day goes off without a hitch. From navigating rocky terrain to traipsing through dewy meadows, your choice of footwear can make all the difference in your comfort, confidence, and overall experience.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the factors to consider when selecting the perfect footwear for your Scottish elopement. Whether you’re planning a picturesque hillside ceremony, a coastal exchange of vows, or a magical forest elopement, we’ve got you covered.

So lace up your hiking boots or slip into your favourite pair of wellies, and let’s embark on this exciting adventure together!

The Good Shoes

The Trusty Welly Boot

We love a welly boot. Being waterproof and usually higher than a traditional hiking boot, they open up a world of possibilities. From the boggy ground of Rannoch Moor to the slow, shallow streams of Glencoe, they allow you to get to places that you wouldn’t be able to normally.

Matt will wear welly boots for almost every winter elopement that we do. His advice is to get a pair with neoprene lining for extra comfort and warmth. You’ll find his boots just here.

The Walking Boot

Matt’s summer footwear of choice – light, waterproof walking boots. Walking boots, and good walking boots, are a must for the Scottish Highlands. Waterproof with good grip, these boots are made for walking (obviously we had to include that line somewhere in this guide. We recommend something with good ankle support if you are planning on going off the beaten track.

If you are opting for a winter elopement and are concerned about the amount of ice and snow, many walking boots also allow you to add on snow grips or mini-crampons for extra safety.

The Smart Boot

A consideration for those who are wearing a shorter dress an all leather, ankle-height boot is a popular choice for many of our couples. They look good in photos and provide a good degree of warmth, comfort and waterproofness (is that a word?!). Jodie is in LOVE with her Penelope Chilvers boots.

Doc Martens

Always so popular with our clients. Warm, practical and with so many designs you are bound to find a pair that suits! Doc Martens also have a customisable option if that is your thing!

The Bad Shoes


Please don’t opt for trainers or running sneakers. Even the waterproof ones! The lack of ankle support is always a big concern on broken ground but beyond that your feet will quickly get cold and wet – especially outside the summer months. Cold feet = cold person. And a cold person does not want to have their photograph taken!

High Heels

Save these for the traditional weddings! If your dress needs you to wear high heels we would recommend that you either get it altered or change footwear when at the correct locations. Even the latter option isn’t perfect as for many shots we recommend that you walk around a little bit so you are not stiff and rigid in your images.

As always, thanks for reading!

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