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Photography and Mental Health

January 10, 2022

Why did I take such a long break from photography? 

I get asked this quite a lot and the main reason is that I wanted to stay at home and raise my 3 babies. Well, that is the answer that I give.

But in truth, there is another reason. After becoming a parent, my mental health went into complete and utter meltdown and I didn’t realise until I’d had my second child. 

My doctor at the time was very caring and arranged for therapy and medication. By accepting there was an issue and by seeking help, I was able to feel myself again. Then I fell pregnant again for the third (and final!!) time. 

After having our third child, We then went into lockdown. At this point I needed to make sure that I didn’t go backwards with my mental health and forced myself to turn this negative into an opportunity to explore my local area. 

Things started off simple

Seeing so many new places, I started to imagine them with people and how I’d photograph them in that location. It ignited a passion in me that I thought was long lost and so I decided that I needed to get back to what I loved to do, which was photographing people. 

Once we were free to meet people outdoors again, I contacted a Mum I knew from the school, who was in the process of creating her own fashion style, and asked if she wanted to do some photoshoots to get some images to build her Instagram business. She loved the idea and together we would find locations and then photograph her in some different outfits. The creative process was something that I absolutely adored – creating photographs again!

Before I started to use more of the environment to create images

After a few shoots, I started to feel more confident and began to arrange more shoots with aspiring models. The more shoots I did, the more positive I became about my work. When I’m out on a shoot, I feel different. I feel free.

I love to use the natural surroundings of the great outdoors as my backdrop. This is probably the most important part of my style because it’s part of the reason I was able to get my passion back. Studio work can be beautiful. A lot of my fine art work was created in a studio and some of the photographers that inspire me the most are actually studio photographers. 

But, in my opinion, nothing can beat being outdoors. Except when it’s pouring with rain and blowing a gale! Then I’d rather be indoors watching Mary Poppins (it’s on now as I write this haha!).

But how does this relate to elopement photography? Which is probably the reason that you are on our site in the first place! 

Soon, I started getting more adventurous and taking my own style out in to the mountains

Well it was my passion for photographing people outdoors and Matt’s (Matt is my hubby) experience as a landscape photography teacher/guide, that led us into elopements. 

I had done loads of wedding photography in the past with Matt. It was (and is) an amazing job and saw us meet wonderful couples and visit some truly remarkable locations. But as much as I have loved capturing couples in these stunning venues we decided together to create a new brand and business – one that focuses purely on elopement photography. And that is how the Sassenachs was born! (OK, since you asked, we call ourselves the Sassenach because of Outlander! Don’t know Outlander? You really should!) 

We do still offer a select few traditional wedding photography dates throughout the year but our passion and love for the outdoors and the scenery of Scotland took over! And for me, it is a more personal reason, it is the “great outdoors” that helped give me back part of my life and it is the place I am happiest.

Thank you for reading!

If you have any questions about this blog post and mental health, please reach out, I would love to chat.

If you are struggling with your mental health, check out MIND, a great mental health charity where you can find loads of great resources and advice. The biggest step is realising you may have a problem and reaching out for help. It’s not easy but please know, there are people out there that can and will help you. 

And then our elopement images really started to take shape.

All photos taken by Jodie

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