We advise that your images will be ready within 8 weeks however this is the absolute longest it will take and many of our elopements are edited much quicker than that.

How long do we have to wait to get our full gallery of images?

This is a tricky question for 2 reasons.

The first being that Matt does some filmmaking himself and we would be happy to include this within your quote.

Secondly, whilst we have worked with some wonderful filmmakers and videographers over the year, we do not get to see the end result very often so we don't feel comfortable recommending anyone.

Can you recommend a trusted filmmaker?

In the very unlikely case that we are unable to travel to your wedding for any reason we will work to arrange for another photographer from a network of contacts that we have made over the years. Failing that, we will post into professional photography groups on Facebook for help. But in 8 years of doing this, we haven't missed a wedding yet and we don't plan on starting now!

What happens if you get sick or can’t travel?