Danny & Lisa

Danny & Lisa

– Married –

– April 2022 –

Corrie Fee, The Cairngorms

Cairngorms elopement

danny & Lisa

by The Sassenachs

Lisa and Danny had originally wanted to marry at Corrie Fee, but Storm Arwen had another plans and made it too unsafe for Lisa, Danny and their guests to walk up to.

In the weeks approaching their wedding, they kept ringing the rangers in the hope that they may have been able to clear the path but sadly it wasn’t meant to be. Fortunately, the hotel where they were all staying, were able to arrange for the ceremony to be held there.

Danny and Lisa were still hopeful that we could venture into Corrie Fee for their bridal portraits and we wanted to make sure that dream became a reality and so we left their guests behind to enjoy some refreshments and we drove up as far as we safely could and then hiked the rest of the way. The damage the storm had done was unbelievable but we were able to jump over and crawl under fallen trees until we made it to their favourite spot.

We must say, it was definitely worth it!

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