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Rannoch Moor Glencoe Elopement Photography

Rannoch Moor, Glencoe Elopement Photography

The Sassenachs

rannoch moor, glencoe elopement photographers

Glen Coe

rannoch moor glencoe elopement photography

Thinking about having a Rannoch Moor Elopement? We’ve got you covered!

So Rannoch Moor isn’t technically Glencoe. But, for most people, it is one and the same and that is why I have included it within our Glencoe Elopement Photography section so bear with me!

One of the last remaining wildernesses in Europe, the Great Moor of Rannoch is a beautiful outdoor space stretching far north and west from Rannoch Station.

The area is a vast stretch of land composed of blanket bog, lochans, rivers, and rocky outcrops which makes it a very unique environment which still supports varieties of flora and fauna. A wealth of plants, insect, bird and animal life can be seen here ranging from curlews and grouse to roe and red deer.

It is one of those places in Scotland that just feels “wild”.

To get here, park in any of the lay-bys and parking places on the A82 (or get off at the very remote Rannoch Station). From here, it is a case of choosing your spot. A few favourites for us are Lochan na h-achalise or Loch Ba.

Be careful where you walk and try to stick to the (usually) obvious deer tracks and paths to avoid falling in a bog. Get away from the road and prepare for a truly unique experience.

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