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Ralston Cairn Glencoe Elopement Photography

Glen Coe Elopement couple with dog

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ralston cairn elopement photographers


ralston cairn glencoe elopement photography

We are currently, as far as we know, the only Glencoe Elopement Photographers to actually live in Glencoe and therefore we think we probably know the area better than most!

Ralston Cairn is a wee memorial to a Ralston Claud Muir looking down on the actual Glen of Glencoe.

Set approximately 5 miles from Glencoe Village and 20 miles from Fort William, it is pretty accessible although there is no bus service here. The walk to the overall area can be done from 2 sides – one is a short, up hill walk – about 10 minutes. The other is a slightly longer but much flatter walk – about 25 minutes.

There are 2 viewpoints in this general area which make the perfect backdrop for your elopement. One is the lower viewpoint, and the other the higher. The higher viewpoint does allow for slightly better views but it is a wee scramble up some rocks which, depending on your attire, may be less suitable.

One point of note is that it can get very windy up here! Not a problem if you are just having photos but if you opt for a video as well, you may opt to record your vows before your ceremony!

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