Eloping in Scotland 2021

Elopements are something that we are both so passionate about. Not only do they allow couples to dial back, they also allow them to focus on the most important thing – marrying each other! It’s so easy to get swept up in a sea of perfect wedding invites, choosing who to invite, and perhaps the family drama that comes with not inviting your mums cousin twice removed, eloping allows couples to get swept up in each other, which, let’s face it, is what getting married is all about. 

Elopement Photography in Scotland
An Elopement Allows it to be just you two.

Scotland is our other passion. It’s full of dramatic landscapes, majestic views and probably some of the most magical and breathtaking scenery this country has to offer. In our opinion, it’s hard to imagine that there could be anywhere as breathtaking as Scotland on this earth.

There may be a lot to take in at first, but It can be quite simple to elope in scotland. Here, we will try and help you! 

Getting Married in Scotland

Whether you are a UK citizen or wish to travel here from abroad, you’ll need get a feel for the process in Scotland which makes this the most important part of the equation. It you plane to have your ceremony performed here, you really need to know how to go about getting married in Scotland. 

Did you know that Scotland is the only country in the UK to allow for legal ceremonies outside of a venue? This means you can pretty much elope ANYWHERE!  A fantastic resource to check out is the National Records of Scotland website which can tell you some more about the process. 

You will need to obtain a visa if you are planning on travelling from abroad to get married here. 

The UK has some very strict guidelines for getting legally married here, including the three month timeline prior to your wedding, to submit your marriage paperwork. So you can’t really just turn up and hope to get married at the top of Ben Nevis. You are also required by law to have two witnesses present, easy enough if you are bringing a handful of people to the ceremony but if you plan on it being just the two of you, this is where you can ask your photographer/s and another vendor (if you have two photographers, that’ll be fine!) to stand in as your witnesses.

Where to Elope in Scotland

The next important thing to consider is where to elope in Scotland. It may not seem it coming in from abroad, but This is an expansive country and you might want think about envisioning what scenery will suit your style as a couple. There really are so many epic spots here that can make the choice so much harder. From the stunning, urban views of Edinburgh to one of the many mythical and magical spots off the beaten track in the Scottish Highlands with the steep rugged mountains, winding rivers and breathtaking waterfalls. 

There are isles of unique geographical formations, plenty of medieval castles and not forgetting the stunning lochs. 

A Scottish Elopement means you can get married anywhere. Literally.

When to Elope in Scotland

This is another very important piece of the Scottish elopement puzzle. Scotland is probably famous for its unpredictable and ever changing weather system. You could come here in the summer and be greeted with snow, although its more likely to rain! The same could be said if you’re wanting a snowy wintery ceremony, you may just be met with wind and rain. You just need to be prepared for any sort of weather and if you choose to have a photographer capture your day, embrace the beautiful mood you will see in your images. 

Want to know even more about when to elope in Scotland? Read our blog post by clicking the link!

Choosing Your Team

The joy of eloping is that you can have as little or as much as you would like. The first person you’ll need is an officiant, if you are legally marrying here. Then you’ll perhaps want to consider having a photographer to capture the story of your day. You could even consider arranging for a picnic or a piper to play the bagpipes as you say your vows. What ever you choose, there are many talented people in scotland that can help bring those visions to life.

Eloping in Scotland 2022
Choosing the right team is so important. Get to know your suppliers, whoever they are.

The Fun Part

Once you’ve these parts are sorted, now comes the fun part of planning your elopement in scotland – what to wear! This is probably one of our most asked questions! And our answer is simply – whatever you want! We do also suggest choosing comfortable and waterproof footwear if you plan on marrying outside, especially in the highlands, and something to keep you warm. Wearing tights or thermals beneath your dress or suit could be ideal if the weather is going to be cold. A beautiful tartan blanket can be used as a shawl to help keep you a little warmer and adds to the Scottishness of your day! Since the land is so dramatic and textured, dresses that stand out and play well in the wind are a great option. Thinking of donning a kilt? Check out the dos and don’ts of wearing a kilt before you make up your mind! 

Also think about what you plan on doing after your ceremony. Do you want to celebrate with a scrummy dinner at a traditional Scottish pub? If you like whisky, you could have a small reception at a distillery. Or why not spend your first night as a married couple wild camping under the stars? In Scotland, You are able to craft a truly memorable day. 

Telling your Story

Eloping to Scotland 2022
Your photos should represent you and your day.

Unlike traditional wedding photography, elopement photography is more relaxed so you don’t have the stress of following strict timelines to make sure your photographer is there to capture the first dance. 

We can be there from the moment you start to get ready, stepping into your dress and putting on your wellies. Capturing those tears as you say “I do” and being there as you take your first steps as a married couple. We can capture that story for you. The little things you might not remember, such as the way you glanced lovingly at your partner as they helped you over a muddy puddle or jumping under the waterfall and having a splash. It’s your story that we can tell. We can take in a few locations to make the most of the spectacular landscapes around and make your wedding images ones that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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